Grammy Award winning musician Robert Glasper made headlines earlier this month following an appearance on Houston’s The Madd Hatta Morning Show. During the lengthy interview, Lauryn Hill came up as a subject, where Glasper opened up on bad experiences fellow colleagues and himself experienced working with Ms. Hill. In the sit-down, Robert Glasper also accused The Fugees member for stealing music to create her 1998 solo classic debut, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

Respect, I respect. You can’t come into a situation especially when you’ve already stolen all of my friends’ music,” said Robert. “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill [her 1998 solo debut album] was made by great musicians and producers that I know, personally. So you got a big hand off of music that you didn’t even write. You feel me though?.”

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Glasper’s thoughts have triggered Lauryn Hill to respond. Late Monday evening (Aug. 27), Hill published a lengthy post to her personal Medium page, where she responds to Robert’s allegations.

You may be able to make suggestions, but you can’t write FOR me. I am the architect of my creative expression. No decisions are made without me. I hire master builders and masterful artisans and technicians who play beautifully, lend their technical expertise, and who translate the language that I provide into beautifully realized music.

The Miseducation was the first time I worked with musicians outside of the Fugees who’s report and working relationship was clear. In an effort to create the same level of comfort, I may not have established the necessary boundaries and may have been more inviting than I should have been. In hindsight, I would have handled it differently for the removal of any confusion. And I have handled it differently since, I’m clear and I make clear before someone walks in the door what I am and am not looking for. I may have been inclusive, but these are my songs.

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