Following the heels of her conceptual and cinematic “National Anthem” video (with that epic ASAP Rocky cameo), Lana Del Rey has re-teamed with director Anthony Mandler for the Rick Rubin-produced single “Ride” (off her re-release Born To Die: Paradise Edition). The 3-minute song is stretched into a 10 minute visual, interspersed with Lana’s spoken prose, and a storyline about becoming a biker chick, running away with a gang of SOA-style baddies, partying in the desert, having sand sex…you know, the American Dream. In her soft, kittenish voice, the “Born To Die” singer coos, “I was born to be the other woman, who belonged to no one, who belonged to everyone. Who had nothing, and wanted everything…” and ends the narration by whispering, “I am fucking crazy…but I am freed.

Ok, it’s way out there, but Mandler’s hazy, smudgy footage, and Rubin’s country-makeunder of Lana’s high-fashion style works. Especially if you really think about the real-life subtext of what’s happening….

Take Lana Del Rey’s 10-minute “Ride”…
And read my fantasy interpretation of the video’s subplot…
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Lana Del Rey “Ride” (directed by Anthony Mandler, produced by Rick Rubin)

The Miss Info interpretative subplot analysis of Lana Del Rey’s “Ride” video:
So, given the fact that we see Lana with her orange soda hanging out against the wall of a convenience store….and then getting into the car of this younger version of Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart. And noting that she doesn’t immediately get into the car but first has a convo through the window….here’s my assessment.


Girl with a “spirit for adventure” runs away from home, dabbles in prostitution, solicits this greasy outlaw, goes on a joyride to the middle of the desert with him, Jack Daniels, and a grizzled group of his “brothers.” Only one other gal is “invited.” She also finds daddy-sponsorship from a hulking man from a rival gang, he has a soft spot for lounge music, slow dancing, and angora sweaters. The Wild West lives. Nobody puts Baby in a corner. Feather headdress! Fireworks!


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