Lana Del Rey had a”found footage” video for “Blue Jeans” that I loved and dissected, but now, an “official” version is out, directed by Yoann Lemoine. And just like the “Born to Die” clip which Lana and Yoann did, the syrup-numbed, Audrey Horne-retro images of this new video are gorgeous and cold and doomed. Just my type, lol.

Things that ran through my head:
I like tattoo boys, but are subtitle hairline tattoos a dealbreaker? (yes)
Waterproof makeup technology is amazing these days.
Do we like the video that looks like a wild old girl’s old vacation videos better? Or this eerie water play?
Robin Wright is the OG Lana.
The most intimate moment is at 1:22.
What took this video so long?
I wonder if Lemoine has seen any of Bill Viola’s genius video art.
Bradley Soileau is pretty but he’s no James Dean. And that one doofy caricature on his arm might as well be a Black Bart Simpson tattoo. Cover that up with a good Lacroix floral.
Now that the 2011 Lana Del Rey Salem Witch Hunt has died down, can folks admit that this song (and many of her others) still hold up beautifully?
Yoann Lemoine vs Romain Gavras? Go.

Watch Del Rey (and Soileau) Lemoine’s previous clip, “Born to Die”….
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Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” (directed by Yoann Lemoine)

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Audrey Horne dancing, David Lynch’s cult tv show Twin Peaks

A short clip about video artist Bill Viola (who has mastered slow-motion water footage)