Lana Del Rey’s new “Bel Air” video in a nutshell: LDR in a white cotton nanny nightgown, some gel-tinted stage lights, and the fog machines from Cats the Musical. In slow-motion.

In other words, this is like one of those old Anais Anais perfume commercials. (you have no idea what that is, do you? Ah ha!)

But what is this movie project, Lana hints at?

Get hypnotized…or put to sleep…
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Lana Del Rey: “Bel Air” video

kind of subdued after the over the top gorgeous melodrama of that “Ride” video, right?
Now what I did notice is that…
1) there’s no director credit here. Perhaps because this was just filmed in the color therapy steam room at Spa Castle.
2) Lana has categorized this in youtube’s “Autos & Vehicles” section.
3) Lana says in the description: “i lost my reputation, i forgot my truth. But i have my beauty and i have my youth. ‘TROPICO’ the film, coming next year“…
Oh, word? Tropico, you say?

Extra credit: the classic 80’s perfume ad: Anais Anais by Cacharel

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