Lady Gaga graces her second Vogue cover, this time for the highly coveted September issue (which can usually double as a doorstop). And I think she looks gorgeous in this patchwork taffeta fishtail gown by Marc Jacobs. Gorg! Like a 50’s Dior ad!
She also appears nude (but folded up) inside the mag…and talks about her new perfume FAME, which the magazine calls “the most innovative perfume in two decades.
HA! Wait, what happened in the early 90’s that was even MORE innovative for our noses? Was it Sex Panther by Odion? (illegal in 9 countries and made with bits of real panther.)

But back to Gaga’s cover photo….there’s something about her enthusiastic hairdo…
Does it remind you of….

Troll Dolls!

Ok, whether Gaga’s Vogue hair fluffs when you twirl her or not….the key thing is her actor/boyfriend Taylor Kinney (from CW’s Vampire Diaries) is quite hot.


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