All it takes it one viral hit to hit paydirt. Just ask Oakland-native Kreayshawn. The indie female rapper’s song “Gucci Gucci” went from youtube hit to hipster sensation in just a few months, sparking a bidding war with multiple labels. Today, insiders tell Miss Info that Kreayshawn has signed with Sony for over a million dollars. Will she live up to the hype? And if the music cant sell enough to justify the upfront payoff, does she have the presence to make the 360 degrees of shows and merchandise worthwhile?

Update: Complex posted an interview with Kreayswan today. She attempts to sidestep the details of this pending Sony signing, but we feel that our source is very reputable… read her quote and feelings on Nicki Minaj after the jump…

UPDATE 6/7: yeah, like I said….she signed to Sony. Now it’s “official.” Lol.

Watch Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” music video after the jump…

Kreayshawn on Nicki Minaj:

“No disrespect to [Nicki Minaj] because she’s got talent. But when it comes to inspiring young women, her message is to be a Barbie—to be plastic, to be fake, to all have blonde hair.”

On her rumored deal with Sony:

“[As far as the deal with Sony] nothing is finalized yet. But we’ve definitely been taking a whole bunch of meetings for the past week. We took meetings with every label. They’re not the only people we met with. We’ll make an announcement when everybody is ready, but right now, that’s basically just a rushed ahead rumor. It’s not that exciting. Whatever we end up choosing, it’s going to be a well-thought out decision.”

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