It’s been over a year since Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce from her allegedly philandering, athletically god-like, one-time-rapping husband Kobe Bryant. But since then, we’ve seen him give her all the family homes, kiss her on Valentine’s Day after the Lakers game, and generally try to woo her back into the fold. Maybe it was that dispute with Drake that pushed her back. Or the fact that they have two young daughters. Or maybe it was this post-nuptial agreement that TMZ reports gives Vanessa more financial control over their shared assets.
Or, maybe…it’s actually love.
Either way….
Vanessa Bryant did what any NBA wife would….she announced she’s reconciling with Kobe…on instagram.

*blank stare*

Check out Vanessa’s touching statement of everlasting love…and see photos of the couple
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From Vanessa Bryant’s instagram.

TMZ reports:

Since she filed, Vanessa and Kobe were on-again, off-again like high school students.
But in the last month … they got very tight. A turning point seemed to be the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy relief concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC, when the two left arm-in-arm. They spent New Year’s Eve together, were spotted at lunch and have pretty much been inseparable.

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