Miss Info: Wait…wait..wait…I’m barely over my giggles from Lil Wayne’s new face tattoo, and now this??? The infamous Taiwanese re-enactment kings at Next Media Animation (the same crew that animated the Tiger Woods car crash and Mariah vs. Nicki and…omg.) presented their own version of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s baby announcement….and this clip has more shots fired than a Pusha T freestyle. Of course, the new Ye Baby addition is a blessing, but….this video’s references to Kim’s opportunistic mom Kris Jenner, and the rivalry between Blue Ivy and the still-incubating Baby KimYe are hilarious!

Watch the NMA video of “Kim Kardashian pregnant, Kanye West calls her his ‘Baby Mama'”….
And see Kim and Kanye’s latest paparazzi photo….
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Taiwan’s Next Media Animation presents “Kim Kardashian pregnant, Kanye West calls her his ‘Baby Mama'”…
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