easton west

Remember that stupid rumor that Kanye West wanted to kill his child North (yeah, as in North West)? Thankfully, that doesn’t sound like it’ll be happening. Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, his pregnant boo, Kim Kardashian, dismissed such talk, but said they do have a list of baby names (“some of them are K names, some of them aren’t”) and one in particular she does like is Easton. Okay, now they’re just trolling.

That is not true, [North is] not one of the names on our list. But you know what name I do like but it probably won’t be on is, I do like — ’cause it kinda goes with North — I like Easton. Easton West. I think that’s cute.

Watch Kim on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno after the jump…

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