I’m happy to see that my friend Cam has succumbed to the twitter pressure and is making an effort to document his every thought, lol…..but I’m kind of sad that he’s abandoning his original account “@Killa1” because his opening line was so classic. In fact, hardly a month goes by without some Cam fan retweeting it….for no reason. And every time it still makes me laugh**.
Picture 7
But, either way, I look forward to more effortless Cam-isms from his new twitter account: @Mr_Camron.

Tonite, Cam is in the studio with his boy Skitzo and the crew….and they’re ustreaming live! Last time they played a bunch of new music from that upcoming Cam x U.N. x DJ Drama mixtape, so who knows what will happen tonite….watch Cam after the jump! (Video Added)


(for the record….this ustream is probably not for the youngins. There seems to be alot of gratuitous cursing. Also, some harsh banter with a blond female visitor, who doesn’t seem to be bothered. But it makes me a little uncomfortable…)

(UPDATE: Now this stream is getting interesting, lol. Cam and Vado started talking to the fans, and then manager Big Joe joined in. I think Joe has only one setting on his personal volume. Eleven….stay tuned)

**Speaking of which…this iconic Cam-face never gets old either. I drop dead every time Freshalina uses her own favorite skeptical Cam-face.