Earlier this week I stopped by the really cool pop-up market W+K Shop, put together by friend Phil Chang and Wieden+Kennedy (ad agency for Nike, Target, Levis, etc.). They had amazing gear and accessories (Clae shoes, A Peace Treaty scarves, A-Morir sunglasses and more) and its open to the public ’til Mon. I also got a chance to catch up with DJ Nick Catchdubs at the Fool’s Gold table…he and Atrak have some big moves coming next week, but he also mentioned that our girl Kid Sister is working on a new EP and and album follow-up to UltraViolet.
He knows that I loved the Kid Sister x Gucci Mane “Gucci Rag Top” record….so Nick sent over a dance remix of Kelly Rowland’s monster “Motivation” that combines a juke beat (via Chicago’s DJ Nehpet) and a new Kid Sister verse!

Now if you aren’t familiar with juke music….its like Chicago house music on amphetamines, lol. Super fast, raunchy, and thumping. And juke dancing will either give you a seizure or get you impregnated!
If you don’t know what I mean….watch this:

Dirty dancing on a whole ‘nother level.

Watch the different battle tactics (feet vs butts) on the dance floor in Chicago…
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Juking has been around for years but now it’s serious business with competitions and professional dance crews and theme songs. Recently the folks at Red Bull’s Bulletin magazine covered Chicago juke group BBU (big up to my old writer pal Soren Baker, and RedBull’s Raymond Roker). Now I know there are tons of specific names for moves, and offshoot dance genres, but I notice that for the guys, juking seems to tend more towards insanely fast footwork. For the gals….they perform magic feats of hip-rolling, butt-bobbing, and squat-thrusting!

Two Chicago juke teams battle: FootWorKingz and FootWork Godz. They even brought stageprops!

Another battle of backbreaking pelvis popping….

This is a little different, apparently there are also “hip-rolling” slow-jam battles. I think these girls are all megadosing Glucosamine for joint flexibility.

Kid Sister brings J.J.Fad-style boom with Gucci Mane “Gucci Rag Top”, off her new Kiss Kiss Kiss mixtape
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Kelly Rowland feat. Lil Wayne “Motivation” Video
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