How to Make It in America follows two enterprising Brooklyn twentysomethings as they hustle their way through New York City, determined to achieve the American Dream… (yada yada soft sell)

Legend: Kid Cudi’s acting debut kicks off on February 14th with a new comedy show on HBO titled “How To Make It In America” which boasts itself to be the “East Coast Entourage.” The show’s premise is based on a group of people trying to live out the American dream and their journey through their hustle in the Big Apple. KiD CuDi’s role as Domingo Dean stars as the “well-connected” one out the bunch and is one of the 3 lead characters.

MissInfo: Thanks to Legend for the help! That title sounds like the show is a combo of a classic Michael J. Fox movie and a classic Robin Williams/Yakov Smirnoff movie but, sadly, it is not.

UPDATE: Cudi appeared on Conan O’Brien tonite and performed “Pursuit of Happiness” below…(via Yardie)

In other Cudder news, he had an absurdly overdramatic run-in with the cops in LA because they said his truck was similar to that mentioned in a robbery. Hmm. *Cam screwface* You can see the TMZ footage after the jump…

Legend: Yesterday afternoon KiD CuDi was detained by the LAPD after cops found the car CuDi and company was traveling in, matched a similar description of the one used in a burglary. Luckily, the moon man and his crew were released shortly after realizing no crime was committed by any of the people in question. One of the people in KiD CuDi’s entourage (who appears to be Dot Da Genius, producer of ‘Day N Night’) told TMZ “I don’t know — you know what I’m saying. This is what you get for being black driving around LA — I guess?.. We ain’t on no bullshit!” News spread on Twitter about KiD CuDi’s “arrest” but was quickly refuted by Plain Pat.