today Kanye had a conference call….except that we were all mute. But either way, here’s what he said. Interesting as always.

Partial audio clip from the homie Necole Bitchie

UPDATE: full audio of the entire Kanye West conference call


And here’s the full transcript from Ruby Hornet. props. someone must be used to that transcribing grind, I’ve def been there.

I just want thank everybody for their support.  I’m at a listening session playing my joint for people in the UK.  I love doing listening sessions cause I feel like Christmas Day where parents get to see kids opening up their gifts. Cause I feel like I try to give people good music.  This album has been like basically based off the devastation and the hurt that I’ve felt within the last year with all the losses that I’ve gone through.  It’s kind of settling in being this super famous alien where every where I go someone wants a f**kin’ photograph.  It’s hard when you’re not really a celebrity, but you’re a real person that just ended up being famous for your craft.  What’s good is that it’s therapeutic for me, and it’s a better option than suicide to just keep putting out music and art.  Of course I got a lot of backlash for my medium that I wanted to do this in.

I created a thing I call Heartbreak.  It’s like a mixed drink of auto tune, distortion with a little bit of delay on it, and a whole bunch of life that I put onto records.  That’s what I call my heartbreak, and that’s what every record basically has.  I’m delivering what I feel is art and that’s what I want to deliver at this point from now on.  With records like “Love Lockdown”, it might not have high hats and s**t like everything else has, but when I go out and be listening to Jimi Hendrix and the Stones and Lenny Kravitz, and they won’t play no Hip Hop records in that.  I feel like n***as be giving up on trying to make records on a Quincy Jones level.  On this record I’m trying to improve my craft, and trying to push it to a level that no n***a has ever made it to.  No n***as have ever rocked 50,000, 100,000 people stadiums ten years after their records came out.  And for anybody that saw the tour, you know my goal is to take it a whole other level.  Today we’re about to drop one of the records that everybody’s talking about, “Amazing” featuring Jeezy.  It’s definitely one of those joints in the club that’s gonna go crazy, that’s gonna send it up like with did with “Swagger”, like we did with “Put On”, and like we always do it this time.  This is what my job is.  My job is to give y’all s**t that has the model b***hes running crazy, and has n***as bobbing their heads crazy like “Can’t Tell Me Nothin'” and “Flashin’ Lights”.  Of course I always hit them with a curve to start off with.  Y’all know that “Heartless”, that’s straight n***a s**t.  [CORRECTION: Kanye actually says] The whole album is what 50 would rap over at the end of the day, but I’m trying to put on those Phil Collins’ melodies.  I feel even if I’m harmonizing, it’s still from a n***a perspective.  I ain’t making no, ‘girl, your nails are the perfect nails, you the perfect-‘ naw, this ain’t none of that.  This is still that rap perspective music with melody.

I came on this call to thank everybody for their support on “Love Lockdown” it sold over 100,000 on itunes thus far.  B***hes love it and n***as love to watch b***hes dance to it…This album is really from my heart.  It’s an art project and I really appreciate everybody.  For the people who are mad that I’m not rapping right now, thank you very much for allowing me to sit on this very therapeutic couch while I let this one off and get out what I need to get out.  There’s rumors that there’s another album coming in June, I’m not going to put that pressure on myself.  I’ll probably come with another tour in June though.  That’s where I’m at in my life right now, and I really wanted to release this music and I forced L.A. to give me this release date.  I was like, ‘don’t f**kin’ wait months and months to try to set it up.  Just give people the music.’  I’m constantly making music.  We’re almost finished with Jay’s album.  We were almost finished before I even started making my album.  Jay’s album is coming in February, the new Wayne special packaging before Christmas.  We got a new record on there together, so we still got a bunch of s**t coming.  But I just said all of that to say thank you, and that’s about it.

The label moved the [release date] up to get more Thanksgiving sales, and they called and told me to say I moved it up because of all the excitement.  But I don’t do that s**t.  The label moved it up to try to get more sales and s**t.  I’m excited about the album.  Also, I gotta say “Robocop” is completely different on the album.  “Anyway” is different and I did not leak those.  I did not leak the “Heartless” video.  The only s**t I leaked is “Heartless” and “Love Lockdown”, those are the only joints I actually put out.  I don’t know who it is, but basically the label moved it up.  They’re trying to get more sales and s**t.  If I get the sales, cool.  If I don’t, hey.  I’ll share the burden cause I’ve been a cocky motherf**ker and talked my s**t and all that, and people would love to see me not sale, but that’s the way life is.  Hopefully I can sell.  We’ve been doing pretty good with the singles we’ve been dropping.

I got Jeezy on [“Amazing”].  Jeezy came down to Hawaii with us because anytime I’d write a chorus or write any type of hook, I’ll be like, ‘what would Jeezy do?’  You know how people have stuff that say What Would Jesus Do?  I say, What Would Jeezy Do?  What would he say on this record.  At the end of the day I make my s**t white tee shirt ready at all given times.  So he came down and helped out, but he actually helped out with other records.  So there are straight singing records that have Jeezy lines on it, and you’ll feel that energy throughout the entire joint.