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It’s a snow day, which leads to lots of self-reflection. As well as carb-loading. But hopefully some light Xbox Kinect Zumba? (try to get that horrific image out of your mind now, lol)….

So far, I’ve enjoyed a new OJ da Juiceman song, lol. I’ve checked out a Dr. Dre leak that seems like unsafe for posting. I’ve tried a newfangled gum flavor: trident white tea and mint. (review: refreshing but weird. Doesn’t tea leave your breath tart?)

And then came this slap upside the head…..NYMag’s Jamie Miles went to the opening of artist George Condo’s “Mental States” show at the New Museum. (I’m a big fan of his twisted mutated classical painting) And while she was asking Condo about his cover art for Kanye West’s MBDTF album….Kanye himself joined the interview. Sort of.

Are you happy with the paintings George did of you?
[Kanye nods head yes.]

You are happy?
[Nods head.]

Would you make any changes if you were to do a self-portrait?
[Shakes head no.]

Are you mute tonight?
[Nods head.]

Do you want to do sign language?
[Nods head. Pretends to sign, then shakes our hand and walks away.]

If my *blank stare* could talk it would be yelling at my computer screen.

But to be fair, Kanye didn’t throw gang signs at the artfarts for the whole evening….witness, the Balthazar dinner party photos…
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(Photos from the George Condo x New Museum opening from GuestofaGuest)

It’s interesting because for all of the uproar about the Kanye x Condo album cover, and the assumption that it represented some Kanye perversion….most of the outraged never knew that the cover was just a remix of a painting that Condo had already done.
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Complex visited the exhibit and has some photos of George’s amazing work
George Condo talked to Curated about working on the Kanye covers