We can’t help but be engrossed by any kind of Kanye West x paparazzi action. At this point, it’s almost like an addiction, we just have to watch it. However, his latest encounter was a very pleasant one, which is a rarity. Following his revealing interview on Jimmy Kimmel, Yeezy was faced with some paps yet again while walking to his car at a local gas station in L.A. After some pestering, Ye decides to finally address the cameras. He starts pretty cordially and thanks the guys for respecting him, while explaining his exploited “fight” with the pap at LAX. The guy obviously faked it, but what we didn’t know is that Kanye received news about his grandfather being on his deathbed earlier that day. He also concludes by thanking the paps for definitely helping with his wife’s fame.

Watch the clip after the jump…

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