Confirmed by A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou back in December, the French label is once again partnering with Kanye West on a new menswear collection. On Saturday afternoon, Kanye and Touitou revealed pieces from their collaborative line at a showroom event during Paris Fashion Week.

Set to for a late summer-early fall release, the collection includes parka-inspired coats, knits, and cargo pants. West spoke for fifteen minutes, explaining the inspiration behind each piece in front of an audience of influential figures in the fashion industry, international editors, and athletes.

“Jean has given me the opportunity to take his experience, his taste level—because you have to take a good part. Even if we don’t agree on things sometimes, you know, his level of restraint and my level of turn up, or sometimes he wants to turn up. Sometimes he’ll make like, a leopard T-shirt and be like ‘we should do this leopard T-shirt!’ …I don’t know if I wanna be the black guy that did the leopard T-shirt,” stated Kanye (via GQ) when detailing the input he has on the collection.

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Kanye draws inspiration from Touitou’s A.P.C. archive:
“These pants I got from Jean’s archives. These are like motorcycle pants, and if you get up close you can see it’s like waxed cotton and this suede, which we made thicker so it’d hold the pants. I’m always trying to get a little more creases in this area, but most people when they do cargos, they don’t know. I always have to re-tailor shit because it’s really wide here and I have to slim it out here. What I did was give you the option, these buttons you can unbutton to make it wider if you like. That’s just like details that are very swagged out.”

Kanye’s fashion education came from the Internet and Street Style:
“I wanted to go to Central Saint Martins, but Louise Goldin said that I was too famous. So I basically had to learn my clothes through Style.com, through like Scott [Schuman] The Sartorialist, Tommy Ton, and dudes shopping. And luckily, I was rich enough to make mistakes and learn by like just being a fashion victim—which I definitely have been a fashion victim—and to flip it from fashion victim to maybe a fashion icon, to actually a person who can give an opinion, and that’s what I’m in the process of doing. So I just want everyone to be patient with me as we go on this journey.”

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Photos via Instagram and GQ

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