The G.O.O.D. Music compilation, Cruel Summer, drops on September 4th…and here’s the artwork. All white, a bas-relief of a Grecian-style gal holding her boobs up to preserve her modesty. No titles or logos to be seen. And most certainly, DONDA-designed ; )

This makes me think of yogurt for some reason, but what does it remind you of?
Check out a better 3/4 view of the CD-packaging,
And some possible inspirations…
After the jump


Does it remind you of:
-Botticelli’s Birth of Venus?
-Al Pacino’s creepy wall from Devil’s Advocate?
-a Versace bedspread?
-an ancient carving of Hermes, Orpheus, and Eurydice?

ok, I just have to share some of the twitter responses to the question: What does the Cruel Summer cover remind you of?

RusAzal: My moms Jessica McClintock perfume bottle!
DarkAqua33: kim k laying face up for the video camera *shrug*
Velle1316: eve realizing she was naked after biting the forbidden fruit.
ThisisCara: Starbucks *YES!*
(via Mikey’s instagram)

VDUBJB: erotic frozen Han Solo *hahaa!!*


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