Fresh off his Yeezus store opening in Los Angeles, Kanye West visited Power 106 for the first time in years. A rather upbeat Kanye was pretty much down to talk about everything, from his forthcoming marriage, What DONDA really is, his love/hate relationship with the high fashion world (“At this point, if I had the chance to design for Louis Vuitton, I wouldn’t because the prices are just too extreme.”), current Yeezus tour and more. The new dad also free styled live on the air, which is something you might not get to hear again for another few years. Some of his lines included: “Paparazzi, I’m like a Nazi to them, I’m not Bill Cosby to em” and “I want to build temples, I want to build churches.”

Kanye also revealed that he is looking to get married next summer and that he is definitely down to sell the whole thing to a TV network for the right price. Apparently, he already has something really extravagant in mind and kept repeating two words “Fighter Jets.”

“I wanna legalize paparazzi. I think the government should get paid and the people they taking the photos of,” Kanye said regarding his current relationship with the Paps. However, yeezy did admit: “Me and Kim are in the exploitation business.”

Yeezy finished off his two-hour radio sessions by discussing why design will change the world, his need to protect his family, his faith in God , relationship with Kris Jenner and more.

“I stay in a room in Kris Jenner’s house so I sit down with Oprah and heads of studios. I’m not gonna mention they names. Everybody got some advice for me and say like ‘Michael Jackson didn’t do it like this.

But I aint Michael Jackson, I’m not just a musician. “I’m a christian, revolutionary, visionary, products person.”

” Ten years from now, I just want to create for the church—design the new Sistine Chapel.”

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