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Kanye West’s decision to rename his new album WAVES didn’t go down so well in some circles (no pun intended) last night. Wiz Khalifa in particular was pretty vocal about it, suggesting that Kanye stole the, well, wave of Mr. Wavie Crockett himself, Max B.

Clearly tweets have been watching, because Kanye clapped back at Wiz (who is the ex of his ex, lest we forget) with an absolute assault of scathing tweets (plus a Kim K emoji, for good measure) this afternoon.

Wiz responded earlier on in Kanye’s Twitter rant, writing back, “KK is weed fool. Reason’s why your not wavy. Go bacc to Swish.” However, he’s yet to respond to the more recent — and more personal — tweets from Kanye that dragged Amber Rose and her son, Sebastian, into the conversation.

Read Wiz and Kanye’s tweets below…

wiz 1

wiz 2

wiz 3

wiz 4

kanye 1

kanye 2

kanye 3

kanye 4

kanye 5

kanye 6

wiz 5

wiz 6

kanye 7

kanye 8

kanye 9

kanye 10

kanye 11

kanye 12

kanye 13

kanye 15

kanye 16

kanye 17

kanye 18

kanye 19

kanye 20

kanye 21

kanye 22

kanye 23

kanye 24

kanye 25

kanye 26

kanye 27

kanye 28

UPDATE: Kanye apologizes. Sort of.

kanye 29

kanye 30

kanye 31

kanye 32

UPDATE #2: And now Taylor Gang are having their fun.

tg 1

tg 2

tg 3

UPDATE #3: And so is Amber.


UPDATE #4: Kanye was asked about the back-and-forth by TMZ while arriving at LAX on Wednesday afternoon.

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