Kanye West’s new video “Slaves”, on Bedford St. in Brooklyn.

“My mother was raise in the era when clean water was only served to the fairer skin…
You see there’s leaders and followers but I’d rather be a dick than a swallower…”

It’s a DONDA flash mob, y’all.
Kanye West and crew surprised fans and journos with a bit of guerrilla-style street marketing, bypassing the usual web channels, to premiere his new video “New Slaves” in the street. The video is being projected onto public spaces all around the world tonight.
Above you can see how it looked on the wall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Mikey Fresh was on the scene and captured the event!

According to this heat map on Kanye’s website, there are 66 screenings happening from now until the middle of the night…ranging from the Tate Museum in London, to Mel’s Diner in Los Angeles.

Watch footage of Kanye’s “New Slaves” video premiere….
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(Kanye West’s “Slaves” video. Full version coming soon)

If you’re in NYC, Miami, Toronto, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Sydney, Paris, Berlin, or London…you might be able to catch “New Slaves” on a wall near you.

Kanye West’s new video “Slaves”, on Bedford St. in Brooklyn.