Miss Info’s hometown of Chicago continues to produce and develop up-and-coming artists in the spotlight and behind-the-scenes. There’s no better example than Chief Keef, a 16-year-old rapper hailing from the Windy City’s south side. With the development of a heavy following in only a matter of months, Keef has caught the attention of another artist from the ‘Go, Kanye West. In this exclusive interview with FakeShoreDrive, Keef’s in-house producer Young Chop, who just signed a production deal with Warner Bros. speaks on Kanye being a fan of his production, Chief Keef, and the possibility we’ll hear something from the two artists.

FSD: So rumor has it that Kanye is a big fan of Young Chop?
Young Chop: Oh yeah, oh yeah. I haven’t met him yet, but I’m waiting to meet him soon.
FSD: Has Kanye reached out?

Young Chop:
Oh yeah. He’s digging it. He has like 12 Young Chop beats right now as a matter of fact [Laughs].
FSD: I hear Ye’s a big Keef fan, too?

Young Chop:
Yep, he’s a fan of Keef.
FSD: I’ve also heard that there might be a collaboration between Keef and Kanye in the works?

Young Chop:
Yep. Yeah that’s happening.

Read the rest of Young Chop’s interview where he breaks down his production deal with Warner Bros. and his recent studio session with Big Sean, Common and No I.D. here.

Meanwhile, watch a few of Keef’s popular videos after the jump….

You can stream his most notable song to date “3 Hunna” here. Download his Back From The Dead mixtape here.