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Could we be getting a first glimpse of Kanye West‘s eagerly anticipated collection with adidas today? The G.O.O.D. Music boss is in Germany for the adidas global brand conference, and has already hit the stage (wearing a pair of Stan Smiths, no less) to perform a few songs, including “Black Skinhead” and “POWER.” He also just announced that the new Yeezys will be arriving in June.

Miss Info: I think we’re all watching and waiting to see what Kanye West and the open-minded folks at Adidas Originals come up with. I had a fascinating chat with a sneaker industry insider and the fundamental differences in Nike corporate culture and Adidas corporate culture are vast.

At Nike, the swoosh always comes first. At Adidas, their position as an underdog means they don’t mind riding shotgun to the celebrity. This may play well with Kanye’s um…oversized personality. As for what is coming this June? Well Kanye calls the new shoes Yeezys.

So how do you think hypebeasts will react to an Adidas version of an Air Yeezy silhouette? Kanye will also likely be enlisted to put his own stamp (fabrics, details, prints) on Adidas classics, like the Rod Lavers and Stan Smiths. Which is no different from what Pharrell would be doing too.

UPDATE: According to Freshness Mag, Kanye’s adidas shoe is called the “YEEZi.” Also worth noting: in at least four different instances on Instagram, Kanye’s boy Ibn Jasper cites the name YEEZi. So it’s safe to say that in a stab at Nike, Kanye is looking to use the same name, but just change the spelling enough to avoid a lawsuit. The question is… will fanboys fiend for YEEZis the same way they did for Yeezys?

UPDATE #2: Watch Kanye’s full speech below.

Check out more photos and video from the adidas conference after the jump…

Kanye’s full speech:

Today I’m not coming to you saying, hey I’m gonna be the next Walt Disney or the next Steve Jobs, my usual stuff that I usually say. I’m saying… with this opportunity to create, I feel like I can be myself.

Kanye announcing new Yeezys in June:

Kanye performing “Black Skinhead”:

Kanye performing “POWER”:





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