I still like 50’s stuffed animal version but big up to the friends at Rolling Stone for pulling off a big coup. Here are some flicks from behind the scenes at the Kanye West vs 50 Cent cover shoot. You can also read a Kanye excerpt here, and a 50 Cent excerpt here… Congrats to Joe Levy the big boss at RS, also Nathan Brackett at RS, and Lola O. who wrote the 50 story.

To see the actual cover shot that RS used, check out nahright , realtalkny, or crunktastical.

I like the fact that despite all the sideways comments that we’ve heard volleyed back and forth between 50 and Kanye, they both have the maturity to act like professionals on this shoot….and even possibly have some fun : ) You can tell they were told to stare each other down, face to face, and had a hard time keeping a straight face.

young, rich, famous, and talented. must be nice : )

by the way, please spare me the “kanye and 50 look gay in these photos” banter. Homophobia is wack to me. Neither men are gay, the face to face photo is just like any boxing match poster. In fact, enough of the gay ish, not all famous people are gay…..well, besides Latifah, Missy, and Da Brat : )