Hold Up, JT! Don’t You Turn Your Back On Me…I’m Talking To You!

Miss Info: Wait a minute….so all this buildup was for, another version of buildup?!
Last night’s revelation was that Justin Timberlake was stopping all that In Time acting nonsense and Southern Hospitality BBQ nonsense and William Rast slacks nonsense and giving us what the good Lord meant for his curly-haired seedling to deliver….MUSIC. And the world rejoiced….and set their cell-phone alerts for a 12:00 EST debut of this JT x Jay-Z x Timbaland benediction.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.18.07 PM

So what happened at noon?
When you click on Justin Timberlake’s new “countdown” site, there’s a clock counting down for another three days. And a video of Justin talking some balderdash gobbledygook about his journey and being “ready” and some such.

That is not what I’m here for. I want the singing and the jazz hands and the Jay-Z and the Timbo “uhhs” and the possible Beyonce “ooooos”. Not. More. Dramatic. Monologues.
So give!

(Full Disclosure: I will still be waiting with baited breath when this shxt finally drops on Monday. And I’ve heard multiple label insiders who have raved that the whole Justin x Timbo project is crack crills. Obviously.)

Feel my pain…Watch Justin Timberlake’s waiting for godot video…
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Not fair, Justin. But now we know what Jessica Biel had to go through. It all worked out in the end for her though ; )

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