Happy Friday! This is a special treat for you, my dear friends. If you love absurd surreal celeb clownery like I do…pull up a chair because there’s footage of Justin Bieber aka Lil’ Half Dead (from the Group Home) nearly tearing a man in two with his buffed-and-polished mitts…squeaking “What’d you say to me?! I’ll f-cking beat the f-ck outta you!” It’s glorious.

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Thug Bieber gon’ crazy…
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Justin Bieber FLIPS OUT at Photog — ‘I’ll Beat the F*ck Out of You’

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge“-N.W.A.

Clearly, Justin Bieber is experiencing that inevitable teenybopper meltdown. Before this incident with a London paparazzo,
1) Biebs “collapsed” onstage at London’s O2 Arena…was “revived” with oxygen and returned to the stage, risking death, to serve his fans.
2) Just days before that, he showed up to the same venue two hours late and was booed by angry kids who had to leave the show to make curfew.
3) Bieber walked around outside in London with his shirt off.
4) Bieber pranced around like my little pony in a yellow spiked hat.
5) Bieber had the “worst birthday” ever because he and his sassy bff Jaden Smith couldn’t get their underage pals into a London club.

Mikey Fresh thinks Justin was just paying homage to other high-profile spazzes. Like Chris Brown, who screamed on a parking valet worker over $10. Or Tupac, who once spit on reporters on the way to a court date.

I await the unavoidable Bieber-shaving-his-head and walking-barefoot-at-the-gas-station footage.
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