justin bieber deposition.jpg

For a kid who’s worked his ass off to the top, Justin Bieber can act like a straight-up spoilt brat at times. Exhibit F: his recent deposition for a lawsuit involving one of his bodyguards allegedly assaulting a photographer. In the footage, obtained by TMZ, Justin calls the male interviewer Katie Couric, winks at the camera and generally trolls the dude with an air of arrogance about him.

Whatever, you’re thinking, he’s probably tired and stressed and can’t be bothered dealing with this kinda legal crap, right? Well, he also denies that Usher helped him to get on. “I think I was instrumental to my own career,” he said smugly (he also confused “detrimental” with “instrumental,” which is worth the watch alone).

So, the question is: who wins the musician-acting-like-a-complete-asshole-during-a-deposition contest — Lil Wayne or the Biebz?

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