I’m not sure why Bfred and Eskay are so anti-embed at XXLMag.com, but it is what it is, so I can only tell you about (and not show you) the nice interview video the homie Vanessa Satten did with Juelz Santana. In the interview, Juelz says that his next album will be called Born to Lose Built to Win, it will be released on Def Jam, and overall he maintains his consistently likeable, upbeat personality. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Juelz being anything other than calm and friendly. Its weird.

Anyways, when the topic of Jimmy and Cam comes up….Juelz goes on a tirade about how they’re both megalomaniacs and reveals the secret root of their feud.

Of course he doesn’t do that.

Juelz just chalks up the tension to regular family bickering, and even somehow compares it to the tension between Cam and Rocafella back in the day. (which doesn’t seem comparable at all, but ok.)

But when Vanessa asks when we’ll see everyone together again, Juelz drops the diplomacy and is more blunt. “Honestly, I can’t even answer that question right now. Like I said there has been tension. Hopefully, it’ll all turn over.