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It’s been almost a year since John Legend dropped his “Penthouse Flour” collaboration with Chance The Rapper, but with everything that’s happening in the country lately, there’s no better time for him to give the socially conscious song a visual makeover. The video finds Legend playing a hotel employee who helps break down barriers and bring people together — all in the luxury of the Presidential Suite, which is no coincidence. Though Chance doesn’t appear in the video (“it just didn’t work out logistically,” according to John), his presence is still felt with a (literal) hat tip to his trademark Chance 3 cap.

Watch below…

John Legend also chopped it up with Complex about his new video, Colin Kaepernick, Eminem’s BET freestyle and Kanye’s relationship with Trump.

One of the individuals who is protesting is wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey. You were one of his early supporters when he initiated his protest last season. Have you been in contact with him about potentially working on something, or is that something you would be open to doing with him?
I am absolutely open to working with him. We have been in touch a little bit, not a lot because we are both busy, but I have been supporting him from afar; I think a lot of celebrities are. We care about justice, we care about the cause of Black Lives Matter, and he has caught a lot of heat for being so bold and putting his career on the line for the cause. We want to show him as much love and support as possible, we will continue to do that, and I will continue to do that.

I’m not sure if you’ve had a chance to hear it or see it yet, but Eminem shared a verse where he draws a line in the sand regarding his fans supporting Trump. How do you feel about that approach to this issue?
I did see the video, it’s dope, and Eminem is dope as always. I love that he made such a bold statement because he risked alienating some of his core fans by doing that, and for him to do that I think is particularly powerful. I love that he’s saying we all live in this country together, and if you vote for that then you are saying certain things about what you believe and what you want this country to be.

It’s been nearly a year since Kanye’s visit with Trump, and you were critical of that event. Have you been in contact with him since?
Yeah we have been in touch, last time we hung out was Easter. I think if you were to ask him now, he might not feel the same way he felt last year about Trump. But either way, Kanye and I are old friends, and we aren’t going to stop being friends because we don’t agree on this particular issue. You would have to ask him how he feels about Trump now.

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