Good things come to those who wait. John Legend knows this all too well. He isn’t the guy in the crew that’s always asking Kanye for help. His newly released Rick Ross-assisted single was actually given to him by the G.O.O.D. Music leader during a recent video shoot for his forthcoming album, Future In The Love. Legend says he immediately knew Rozay would be a perfect fit for the track.

“Kanye brought me the track and it was actually [produced] by Bink!],” Legend told VIBE on the set of “Love In The Future” video shoot. “After I had written my part, I felt like if anything, Rozay should be on this album, this [song] is it. It just naturally fits his voice, style and persona. I been on so many of his records and mixtapes that he actually never did none of mine, and it’s great to finally have him on my album.” — via VIBE

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