All this makes me sick sad irritated.

Joe is a friend and I also respect his gift. I know he doing what he feels he needs to do. But I’m living proof that the best revenge is happiness. And this road only leads to someone getting hurt or in trouble. Wasn’t this all fizzling out? (sigh)….. I’m so thankful that the only bullets they mentioned from 12/26 went up, not out…..(double sigh). Joe is the only one who has something to lose…(triple sigh).
Ugh…and seriously, if this all has to happen….please please do it off line.

But the follow-up is even more pathetic.

Having someone else slap someone who is totally not to culpable, this is the brother of the guy that is standing next to the guy that was dissing you? SMH.
And he has the courtesy to have a reasonable discussion with a complete stranger…Then your friend smacks him for absolutely no reason. That’s gangster? I don’t get it. “Now until this doesn’t happen, I’m gonna go around smackin’ n—as. I’m gonna have my n—as smack every one of y’all n—as…..that live in Jersey City.”

huh? What the hell? Until this doesnt happen? And whats with the qualifying addendum? Every one of you will get smacked….well, depending on your zipcode.

ugh x infinity.

PS: I’m just wondering…but does the smack angle seem a bit off? It looks weird.

PPS: the video cuts off right before the “smack” now…. here‘s another version