Thank you to Sarah Conner from the Ed Lover Show again for this morning’s audio of Meth and Red, as well as Busta Rhymes….talking about…what else…the Joe Budden vs. Method Man debate. I think all that can be said has been said at this point….but it was interesting/frustrating to hear the two very different takes from Redman and Busta on the topic.

Method Man says “I would love for Joe to say he’ll chop my head off face to face…”

Redman is diplomatic, Busta Rhymes is less so

Red: “I laughed at it….My homie got this. And its gonna stay on a rap level too. It aint gonna get physical. Belee-dat. Word is bomb. My homie have nothing to worry about.” (lol….thats a direct and phonetic transcription)

Busta: “I think that was a very big disrespect and he mighta needed to get slapped in his face for it…I’m not saying that to be on no pro-violence thing…but there’s a fine line between dealing with entertainment, and dealing with being morally and principally disrespectful…and I think he’s disrespected the morals and the principals, as far as the fiber of just respecting…”


Joe Budden says: “Singling out Method Man was in bad taste…I reached out to him”

Debate of the Day: Joe Budden vs. Method Man

Unrelated/Related: Smack sent over this clip of Mistah Fab talking about Joe Budden….at first I thought it would be in the context of this debate, but its not. Its just more general lyrical beefery. Also Too Short speaks on….well, his place in the current game…..all after the jump

Mister Fab Speaks on Joe Budden & Too short talks music