Consequence Fighting Joe Budden

I’m sorry to do this to you…but misery loves company. Yesterday, we heard about how Consequence ran up on an unsuspecting Joe Budden, who was on a smoke break with Tahiry during the taping of the ‘Love and Hip Hop New York” reunion taping, and smacked him on the head. Cons immediately bragged about the attack on twitter. Joe immediately called Angie Martinez to scoff and tell how Tahiry punched Cons. Is this all sounding most noble so far?
Well, apparently, after all the showboating…all parties went back into the soundstage to keep shooting the reunion. Obviously. And afterwards, Joe exacted some sort of revenge. He and Cons had another altercation…and judging from the camera-phone footage, this time Joe Budden ran off while security tucked Cons into his minivan and his wife Jen screamed bloody murder.
(PS: by the way…Joe and Tahiry are apparently dating again. No big surprise there.)

Brace yourself….for a perfect storm of horribleness
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Ok. So let’s just walk through this. Like group counseling.

1) If there is ever a need for a more organic human-powered air-raid or police siren….I have an idea. Cons’ wife. You thought she was getting stabbed during the first part of the video, right?
2) In the middle of the fight footage, the person with the camera turns it on himself. Because a worldstar selfie was really his goal in life. Also…what’s with his narration? It’s like one of those crazy mumblers on the subway.
3) There seems to be a lot of big security guards. They have been well trained though to not prevent the fight from happening. That’s not good for marketing purposes.
4) Again, the screeching…wow.
5) Cons seems to know this is going to end up on worldstar…so his diabolical “Ha. Ha. Ha.” is actually quite savvy. Creepy as fxck. But I guess savvy.
6) Your ears are bleeding just a little. And you feel sad. Me too.
7) “Worldstar!”

Oh and of course, like a Laduree macaron after gourmet meal…there are the post-fight tweets from both Joe Budden and Consequence.

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