Oh wow. As a friend of Joe Budden‘s, I can’t believe I’m seeing him self-document and broadcast another deeply private conversation with ex-girlfriend Tahiry on youtube! Isn’t this one of the habits that led to their breakup two years ago?! Didn’t this opening up of a raw but one-sided view into their relationship magnify problems and invite the world to judge?

But on the other hand…it’s completely fascinating to hear Joe wonder out loud if he needs Tahiry back. And hear Tahiry emphatically argue that after all of his more recent relationship “displays”, Joe needs to court her. Not as the old thing he knows best, but as the real thing who deserves it more. They both insist to the audience that they are not currently intimate with each other.
Now if ever there was a subliminal apology, the fact that Joe gives Tahiry the platform to really be 100% in the right, own the entire exchange, make all the zingers, and score one for all under-appreciated ride-or-die chicks…on his youtube channel…is perhaps Joe’s way of saying, I’m sorry.

And aside from all the celebrity baggage, this is a very real and very funny conversation that we can all relate to.

Tahiry: Yeah you need to court me! Because you’re trying to get the old thing back! You come, you knock on my door, you hide under my bed, you pop up….
Joe: I do that because I love you as a person…but I’m in a state of uncertainty, as you are.

More transcript of Joe x Tahiry, The Reunion…
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Tahiry: Be honest, in all the running around you’ve done in the last 2 years, and all the crazy s–t, you’re not gonna tell me that you don’t want to give this another chance.
Joe: To be perfectly honest, I’m in a very vulnerable place right now….but I don’t feel like I gotta court someone that I been with for 5 years…
Tahiry: With the other chicks you run around and have heated toilet seats and here let me do this and that, but that’s your “representative”. But when they get to really know you, they can’t deal with you. But me who really knows you, why can’t you try to do the special things to get me back?
I’ve been out dating, I know what it’s like to be treated like a woman…

Joe: Get the f outa her, they took you to One Fish Two Fish**….
Tahiry: Well it beats you taking me to McDonalds for 5 fucking years.
Joe: I took you to the nicest pizza place on River Road.
Tahiry: ….Love Mario’s pizza. But I got tired of eating #1’s. I worked I helped you out, I was your support team to the fullest. I lost myself in that relationship….so now you’re gonna come back into my life and you think I’m gonna sit around and eat Mario’s Pizza?

Yikes quote: “Joe, you are a walking trashcan of bitches.

Also, lol @ Joe tagging this video as:
Joe budden
break ups
break ups with dominican women

**omg, I love that Joe said that. Hahaaa! That’s the classic drug dealer date spot in Harlem.**

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