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(In happier times, Joe Budden and Esther Baxter on vacation)

After releasing his “blue valentine” of a breakup song, Joe Budden talked to Ciph, Rosenberg and Kay Foxx on Hot97 about the implications (or accusations?) of “Ordinary Love S–t Part 3.” Given the tone of the song, I’m not sure why this convo is so giggly, but….maybe it’s nervous laughter? *shrug*

At one point Joe reveals that he confronted NFL player Derrick Ward, the man he says his girlfriend Esther Baxter had an a affair with: “I’m not gonna trash [Derrick Ward]…he was a real stand up guy when me and him finally had a conversation about it. As men, this is an unwritten man rule, you’re never supposed to be mad at the dude who smashes your chick or ex-chick….He didn’t know anything. He was none the wiser.

Joe Budden’s breakup confessional, “Ordinary Love S–t Part 3 (Closure)”….and who is Derrick Ward…
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Derrick Ward, #32 running back for the Houston Texans….and former boy toy of Khloe Kardashian (pre-Lamar Odom). So….this guy’s one of those party boy types?

Joe Budden: “Ordinary Love S–t Part 3 (Closure)

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