Tonight, VH1 aired the long awaited episode of Love and Hip Hop New York featuring Joe Budden’s Times Square proposal to his on-again off-again lady love, Tahiry. Videos from bystanders surfaced on instagram back in early November, 2013 showing a touching big screen declaration of love from Joe, and a dressed up Tahiry talking intently to her man on the street. Nobody seemed to catch any snapshots of the results. No tearful embrace. No joyful celebration…so what gives?
On tonight’s episode, you see more of the lead up to the proposal. There’s Joe Budden picking out the engagement ring with some jeweler named Mr. Flawless, there are aggressive eyeshadow, swiss-cheese spandex dresses, Spanish girls fighting over Rich Dollaz (lolz) and then Joe gathers his friends and family members to witness his “question.” But once again, the ending was ambiguous.

You can’t blame the network for milking it with a cliffhanger, but will fans who have tagged along for the Joe and Tahiry rollercoaster since 2009 be excited by a “Yes,” or relieved by a “No”?

(or maybe a better question is…was the proposal too late for real life and just conveniently timed for mid-season ratings?)

Watch clips of Joe Budden and Tahiry’s proposal,
after the jump

Bystander footage of Joe’s proposal in Times Square, last November.

The proposal comes in the last 5 minutes of the show. The Times Square word signs is super cute, even to this jaded skeptic. But….

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