Mikey: Many rap fans thought the former 106 & Park Freestyle Friday champ had hung up his mic and retired, but Jin has actually been building a successful music and acting career in Hong Kong. In 2008, Jin released an all Cantonese language album, ABC, (produced by “Girls on the Dance Floor”‘s FM). And now Jin has a new English-language mixtape, called Say Something….that reflects his born-again Christian spirituality. (above: the first video “Angels”)

“Where can happiness come from? Money? Fame? Power? I guess it all depends on who you ask.. Here’s my testimony. I’ve never wanted less.. and never have I been more blessed. God, You are truly a loving Father. Thank You for showing me The Way…” – Jin

MissInfo: It hasn’t been all religious fervor though, Jin also stars in the new Hong Kong film Gallants, which screens tomorrow at the New York Asian Film Fest. My film-fanatic cousins, C & M, already saw it, loved it, and reviewed it below…

Download Jin’s Say Something mixtape and watch the trailer for Gallants, Jin’s first feature film role in Hong Kong and more…
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“In a nutshell, I play a prick who thinks he’s a martial arts expert because he’s studied for a few years and won a few non-meaningful tournaments. I know, nothing like me at all. LOL.”Jin

MissInfo: My cousins, C and M, are hardcore movie buffs who have camped out at the New York Asian Film Festival for the past week. They saw the US Premiere of Gallants, and gave me their reactions….

M: Anyone who loves martial arts movies will appreciate seeing masters from the 1970’s proving they still have all the skills. It’s a love letter to kung fu. Respect your elders because they can still take you to school.

C: If you were trying to compare Gallants to Kung Fu Hustle, it’s pretty low budget and not as FX driven or outrageous. Starring many super old school actors from the 60s and 70s: Bruce Leung *the beast” from Kung Fu Hustle, Chen Kuan-Tai  (Shaw Brothers films regular), Chan Wai-Man, Lo Meng (who was one of the 5 Deadly Venoms), Teddy Robin (a former singer), and Susan Shaw (a former sexpot, lol).

M: Jin has a lot of face time in the film. He’s the son of the landlord who gives the kung fu masters a lifetime lease. His character is trying to steal the lease back so he can sell the land. He’s a member of the flashier martial arts club. In one scene where he’s working out and another where he’s sparring and he looks like he knows what he’s doing. We  just kept laughing at his swagger and how he periodically breaks into English which also made people laugh. The humor is definitely on purpose. For example, Jin is ALWAYS wearing a neck brace and it is never explained. The end song by him is cool, too.

Free Mixtape:
Jin Say Something (download link)