(Now these are some deliriously happy iPad Mini owners in Tokyo. Homegirl even cosplayed as Little Bo Peep or something for the occasion, LOL! via Telegraph)

On Friday, Apple released the latest little crack nugget of tech to its hoards of salivating fans. And even though the lines weren’t nearly as long as they’ve been for iPhones, there were still folks who had the time, energy, and mental bandwidth to head to the Apple Store in the middle of the night to be one of the first with an iPad Mini…even though, they might not be able to charge it because of the ongoing Hurricane Sandy blackouts.

Even as a die-hard Mac user, I had to admit that Jimmy Kimmel’s iPad Mini spoof commercial…was painfully on point.
Watch it….
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Jimmy Kimmel’s iPad Mini parody…It’s funny, because it’s true.

By the way, I’m a die-hard Mac user myself…practically allergic to PCs. But even though I’m completely dependent on my iPhone, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and Cinema Display…I’ve never had an iPad. I feel like my Air is my portable, and I need the keyboard. When it comes to just travel content consumption…I want something light. And I really want something I can read books on in daylight. I got a Samsung Note 2, and it’s jam-packed with features. Still experimenting with it. But I also really want a Kindle. Not the Kindle Fire…my sister got me one for Christmas and I returned it because it was just too heavy to hold like a book, lol. But I’m tempted by the Kindle Paperwhite, because of the print-like, no glare screen.
What combination of indulgent toys are you guys using?

(Gotta have that new toy, eh? New Yorkers in line to buy the iPad Mini in Midtown NYC, via Cnet)

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