Every part of this long and complicated saga defies comprehension. Since the news broke last week of prison-lifer Dexter Isaac and his Tupac robbery “confession”, I’ve been hearing from OG insiders (both on the media side and the street side) about the infamous social circles that Tupac ran in back in the mid-90’s here in New York City.

Today, one of the most controversial figures in that web, Jimmy Henchman was caught by Feds….but in the oddest way.

Henchmen has been on the run since Drug Enforcement Agents issued a warrant for his arrest in May…in court papers, they accused him of “being the leader of [a drug ring] that distributed hundreds of kilograms of cocaine and generated millions of dollars in sales.” At first it seemed that he was going to turn himself in, but then he disappeared…

Only to be found at the W Hotel right by Union Square in Manhattan? *scratches head*
What kind of low-key hiding place is that?

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According to NBC News, Feds were tipped off that Henchman was hiding out at the W Hotel in Union Square…They found him there and chased him up Park Avenue. When they caught him, Henchman “was carrying a fake I.D. and a passport application in a fake name, sources said….Authorities believed Rosemond, who lived in Brooklyn until he went on the run in recent months, was planning to leave Thursday for the Bahamas.

Why did he wait 2 months to get out of dodge? And if you have to stay a while….why pick the part of dodge where you’re bound to get caught?!

Union Square, near Park Avenue and 17th Street is always packed, and there’s lots of music industry types at the W, or Dos Caminos, or the nearby Gramercy Hotel. In fact, it’s just blocks from tonite’s Big Sean concert, and right by the popular new Gansevoort Hotel, and teeming with teens and farmers market shoppers. Bottom line….if I go to Union Square on any given day, I’m probably going to bump into someone I know. And Henchmen would too because his Czar offices were just a few blocks west in the Flatiron district.

So bizarre.

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