So last week, during our visit to Jimmy’s studio, a lot of things came to light. After Capo went over his frustrations with Koch rushing the album out (Jim’s 5th album, Capo, dropped this past Tuesday), Harlem’s hardest working hustler broke down exactly how his last album, Pray IV Reign, was created at Sony.

Update: Miss Info asked Jimmy about the VIBE news that a Dipset EP is on the way: Jim says the guys are working on an independent release from the group on July 4th, and that Koch may distribute but all the members are cleared and songs are in the making. Sounds like new Dipset will be right on time for Summer Jam?!”

“I’m a little bit disappointed in the way the album came out. I felt like the album was so dope, then you deal with some politics in the game that are way out of your control. When you deal with something so crazy sometimes you get disappointed… I really really did not want to come out on April 5th,” Jim continues. “The album is super dope. This is why I am even more disappointed because if I had the chance to market and promote the album the way I needed to who knows what could have happened.

“Then you deal with a situation where you back is up against the wall. For the sake of the label’s business, you sacrifice your art.”

Jim breaks down what went down with his last major label album.

“My last album was at Sony. I got to spend a lot of money over there. I had a fun time over there. Shouts to Hip-Hop and Al Branch. They were working my album over there. But 6 weeks before my album was supposed to come out both of them quit. So the marketing strategy drastically changed. The amount of records I was promised by the label changed drastically.

“So with the so called “consolidation” the number [of records] I was promised would be shipped changed.”

“With spending close to 8-million dollars or something close to that at Sony I figured I’m pretty much in debt for a very long time a lot of grapes and  high-class studios. Ask Chung King studios about me. I locked out like a rock star in there. We were spending close $100,000 a month there.”

You might think Jim is now stuck paying this insane debt back, but… that’s not the case…

after the jump, Jim explains why he wasn’t worried about having to pay back the $8-mill he spent at Sony…

Jim carefully explained how he was exempt from paying back the money he spent at Sony.

“They did a big deal over there… it was called Roc Nation. So they gave me one piece of paper that said ‘I don’t owe them nothing, get to stepping.’

“I’m not going to assume or put words in anyone’s mouth but I just know that they did a big deal with Roc Nation that means someone’s coming in the building and they didn’t really care about the money I spent. They used it as a tax write off.”