Like Mikey and I were telling you earlier, Cam’ron surprised the crowd at today’s Converse Band of Ballers tourney by joining Jim Jones and his defending champ Jones Family team here at Clark University Atlanta. The teams competing were The Southern Hospitality team, the So So Def team, the Jones Family, Bad News team with Donnis, Jay Electronica, Sean Price, Dan Solomito and crew, the Of Montreal team, and the Black Lips team.

So the championship game was The Jones Family vs Southern Hospitality (Shawty Lo, Pill, OJ’s team)….and by this point, the rappers had stopped playing around, and it was their ringers going to war. Although….Cam did suit up and play for a few minutes, but he was severely winded when he came out, lol. Now there was much shouting and shoving, and some near-technicals from Jim Jones, and a tantrum from Shawty Lo….but the end score was The Jones Family 10, Southern Hospitality 5.

Great game, long day, family reunions, and new friendships : ) There was a very funny moment on the court when Jermaine Dupri threatened to bet $175,000 and a beat on his matchup with Jim Jones. When Jimmy and Cam called him on it, mysteriously the wager disappeared, but we’ll wait for the footage! Now, we all recoup before it’s off to visit DJ Drama for his Sat. night radio show, and then Dallas Austin’s house for a fight party. Jimmy says it looks like the Guggenheim (lol, I know I was surprised at the comparison too)…I’ll believe it when I see it.

The homie Swift/ThatsHipHop already put together a video clip of the ball game and the trash talk….watch it after the jump…

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