This is a huge moment for Jhene Aiko and her sisters. For the first time, the Cali songbird appears on the cover of VIBE Magazine. While the boys had to share one, Jhene appears all by herself on the other. She spoke to VIBE’s Adelle Platon for the cover story.

“I will never rush anything just to say I’m 28 with seven albums. One or a few of those albums will be crap,” she says, likening her project to a sequel of sailing soul(s), with happier songs, fewer rap collabos and more spiritual healing. “This album, from top to bottom, sounds like you’re on a journey. Once you get to the last songs with my daughter, the songs where I’m talking about what life means,” she says, “it’s just enlightenment.”

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Jhene Aiko’s VIBE Cover Story