It’s been a while.. a long while since one payer single handily turned around the New York Knicks. When it comes to New Yorkers and the Big Apple’s infamous Knickerbockers, most people rolled with Big L’s philosophy of the team (“I’m from New York and never been a fan of the Knicks”). That was until Harvard grad Jeremy Lin was recruited onto the the Mob Deep bench. The Asian-American unknown originally came off the bench but went onto lead the team on a win streak and became a starter while Carmelo was hurt. Unfortunately, Lin also suffered an injury and was forced to sit out during crucial games leading to and in the playoffs. As we know, the Knicks were eliminated this year, but the legacy that Lin left still has fans waiting for next season. But I’m pretty devastated to report young Lin has agreed to a $26.9 million contract with the Houston Rockets (**the Knicks have a few days to match**). This comes after the Knicks announced their signing of aging guard Jason Kidd. If he goes, young Lin will be missed in Missinfo.TV’s hometown but we ain’t mad at cha. Congrats on the big deal! (big-ups to the original H-Town franchise, Steve Francis)

**Because Lin is a restricted free agent, the Knicks have the option to match the Rockets’ offer (he can’t sign the offer sheet until Wednesday, and the Knicks will have three days to match). The only holdup is that the deal is backloaded and in year three of the contract the Knicks would have to pay a luxury tax. The offer sheet has Lin making $5 million the first year, followed by $5.2 million, $9.3 million and $9.3 million.” —NY Daily News

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