Young Jeezy was reportedly arrested in Atlanta on a string of charges related to an alleged domestic incident. According to TMZ, the rapper was charged for battery, false imprisonment, and making terroristic threats against his own son. They claim documents on the arrest say Jeezy “got into a fight with his son in a bathroom and he threw his son into the glass shower door, causing the son to hit his head.Then Jeezy allegedly punched him in the face, dragged him into the bedroom, threw him on the bed and pummeled him.”

The kicker is that the incident allegedly occurred in Sept., 2012.

Jeezy has yet to release a statement, but the rapper turned himself in to authorities Friday after a grand jury warrant for each charge was issued. He bonded out soon after for $45,000.

Miss Info: It seems strange that these accusations would be taken to police over a year after the alleged fight. To give this dispute some background, Jeezy’s son celebrated his Sweet Sixteen in July, 2012, just a few months before the alleged incident. Back in 2005, this same son’s mother, Tynesha Nicole Dykes, sued Jeezy for child support, accusing the rapper of falsely claiming zero income and no ownership of property and jewelry.”

UPDATE: Jeezy rleases official statement:

Regards, to recent charges levied against Jay Jenkins (Young Jeezy) in Atlanta, GA; please find official statement below (via Def Jam):

Jay Jenkins, better known as rapper Young Jeezy, was recently made aware of charges in Atlanta, Georgia. Contrary to reports, Mr. Jenkins presented himself to address these charges. We have no doubt this matter will resolve itself appropriately. At this moment, Mr. Jenkins is thankful for the support of his fans and the respect for his family’s privacy.

Check out a pic of Jeezy and his son below…



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