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Add covering Sky Magazine as another “1st” for Jay-Z (imagine if he tweeted “1st” like the bloggers do). Anyway, the Delta Airlines owned publication put out a pretty good read on Hov’s expanding empire and transformation from drug dealer to super-successful businessman (I know they all do, but still).

He also touches on his first book and the power that fame and success has brought him. The article seems to focus on Jay-Z ‘s main message about himself, that he’s just a another hustler from Brooklyn who was smart and lucky enough to completely legitimize himself without giving up his day-1 morals and principles. But read it for yourself here.

The writer (Steve Marsh) got one quick quote about the status of Watch The Throne. Jay seems to want to iterate that the project is sounding incredible, but Ye may be in some new creative space right now so it’s taking longer than expected.

“Ye is just in an extraordinarily creative place—so much so I need to get him to focus so we can finish this,” Jay says. “But music is his refuge right now.”

Hov’s comments on his biggest hit and success after the jump…

On “Empire State of Mind”:

“Empire is about this metaphorical and aspirational place that you can go and forge who you used to be, he says. “You know , to have this brand new start. And I haven’t said this before, I haven’t connected into those sort of emotions-I’m still trying to tap into them, as a writer and as a human being.”

On Success:

“It may sound arrogant,” he says, “but I just think people can’t handle when somebody is successful. Something has gotta be wrong: you gotta be down with some higher power. And I guess when someone else is successful, it makes you feel like maybe you’re a failure. So it can’t be you, it has to be some other force.”