I love hearing a true conversation between hip hop heads. Creators and students. And that’s what Jay-Z and Ciph and Rosenberg are doing on this Juan Epstein Podcast. If Kanye was describing the convo, he might call this “sans jazz.” On Tuesday, Hov’s interview will be on the Ciph and Rosenberg morning show on Hot97, but this podcast was taped today.

Jay-Z on Juan Epstein (Ciph and Rosenberg): (note: if you’re having problems with this audioplayer, just download via the title-link. It’s worth it. I’ll add a different player soon. No thanks to you, Usershare)
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Couple things I loved:

-When asked if it’s true that Jay-Z holds grudges for things, like who preferred “Ether” over “Takeover.” Hov says, “Think of it as a computer, it has music and then you have other. That’s my life. things that I love and resonate with me, I remember. Things that I don’t really care about, that’s ‘other.’ And I could care less.”
-insight into Jay-Z’s work day, and Jay’s past as Ciph’s boss at Roc-a-Fella, re: “We tried make reggaeton work.”
-Jay-Z recounting his first meeting with Big Daddy Kane….during the time when Hov was actually juggling rapping and hustling out of town. “I was almost embarrassed to say I wanted to be a rapper, it took me a long time to do that…..I met Kane, he remembered me, he came to the projects and picked me up in that Batmobile Benz.”
-the banter about our Hot97 curmudgeon, Mr. Cee. LOL
-Jay-Z taking us into the friendship he had with Biggie: “After ‘Brooklyn’s Finest,’ I dont think there was a single day that we didn’t speak…I actually spoke to Big, while he was at the [Vibe] party.” And even more illuminating was what Hov learned from Biggie about the pitfalls of fame. I’ve gotten to the point where I hate watching and listening to interviews that artists do during their “promo” tours. Because they’re not like this. Just conversations that I wish I was there to chime in on.

Updated: Jay-z talks Decoded, Oprah, Kanye West and more (w/ Howard Stern), plus DMX says “f-ck Jay-Z”… after the jump….

Earlier this morning, Jay-Z was the guest on honor on Howard Stern’s Sirius Satellite radio show. While remaining cool as a cucumber, Hov managed to avoid falling for the bait and calmy spoke on Decoded, gaining Oprah’s approval, Kanye West, his role in Rihanna’s career and more. Jay-Z’s Howard Stern Interview

Jay-Z on Howard Stern: (Download here)

Jay-Z on meeting Obama:

“He sat down as himself, and I just realized he was a genuine soul and had a genuine curiosity. I think as community organizer it’s his duty to get in touch with the community. He’s not arrogant.”

On Rihanna:

“We actually manage her now. We didn’t manage her before. She actually walked into my office with her lawyer Scott Feltcher who knows Jay Brown —he works with me. When I met her that day, I knew she was a star. She was 16, and I signed her the same day.”

On Kanye’s Taylor Swift Incident:

“If we look back, everyone would agree that he was right. It was bad timing. It was not her fault. It’s not Taylor Swift’s fault. She didn’t nominate , she didn’t elect herself. She just sat there and she had a dream and she’s seeing that dream being realized, and he had the same dream, so he realizes that now. He was fighting for the integrity of the award, and he knows how hard he works on his videos. It was bad timing, but we agreed.”

On Kanye’s Bush comments:

“We all felt like that. We didn’t feel like Katrina was a natural disaster. We felt like it as an attack on black people. All you saw was black people on the roof with help signs.White people felt like that.”

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