Last night, Hov performed his fourth consecutive concert at the newly opened Barclays Arena in Brooklyn. So far he’s stuck to his words and has rocked the stage by himself for the most part (aside from Big Daddy Kane on night 1, and Bleek on night 2). Honestly, he doesn’t really need the special guests. The collective energy that pours out of the crowd is enough to feed Jay’z Blue Magic. While he didn’t perform any new songs last night, I did catch a part of his side banter, which included some laughs about his 1st demo tape.

“My first demo tape I played for my uncle, and he said “N**ga, get out! You never gon be better than LL Cool J,” Jay told the crowd at Barclays on Night 4. “Now, LL Cool J is a bad m*thafucker… I’ll just leave that alone [laughs].

Watch the video footage after the jump…

Jay starts about explaining how he told the Nets owner “f*ck yea, n*gga” when he first presented the idea of the Brooklyn Nets. Then he goes into how even his uncle didn’t believe in his talent at first (1:20min).

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