Big up to my UK boss, Tim Westwood (I do “Celebrity Drama NYC to UK” every week for Tim’s Radio 1 show)…he sent over this dope chat with Jay-Z. Hov does a lil’ freestyle of his upcoming single “Run the Town” (to feature Rihanna and Kanye) and he finally addresses the Chris Brown/BET rumors that were rampant last month. Jay also addresses the Game. Very illuminating stuff!
Tell groupie to get over it.

[audio:Westwood – Jay-Z Interview.mp3]

I can’t wait to hear the rest of Tim and Hov’s interview this Saturday night 25th July 9pm (UK time), 4PM (NYC time)…you can listen in live.

On whether he had Chris Brown shut out of the BET awards:

“First let me categorically deny that, that’s not even my style. If I have a problem with Chris brown, I have a problem with Chris Brown. I haven’t said anything…live or behind the scenes. I don’t agree with what he did and that’s it…
But as far as not letting him perform on BET, that’s ridiculous, that’s stupid and that’s a sucker move. I wouldn’t do it. And people commenting on rumors, that’s a sucker move.”

On The Game’s diss track and exaggerated response to his mention in Hov’s BP3 intro:

“Tell me exactly what I said….(Tim: you mentioned his name, Jim Jones’ name, Dame Dash’s name…) I said I’m not talking about, this, this. I’m not…Is that a diss? ‘Oh, you hurt my feelings.’ Tell groupie to get over it…If that’s a diss, then wear that. Tell groupie to get over it.”


Jay-Z performs his Blueprint 3 intro…mentioning Game, Jim Jones, Dame, Jaz

The Game disses Jay-Z with song “I’m So Wavvy”

Dame Dash speaks on the alleged rumor that Jay-Z blocked Chris Brown from BET Awards