Time heals all wounds. Two-thirds of Roc-A-Fella Records in Jay-Z and Dame Dash attended mutual friend and former Roc executive Chaka Pilgrim’s birthday party in New York City on Wednesday night. The moguls shared laughs and posed for photos, which Dame Dash posted on Instagram early Thursday morning. Its been years since both have been spotted together following their breakup and collapse of Roc-A-Fella Records back in 2004. Beyoncé, Solange, J. Cole were also in attendance and witnessed the emotional moment.

During his visit to Angie Martinez on Hot 97 recently, Jay spoke on Dame’s current financial woes and always having love for him despite going seperate ways.

“The thing we built , you can’t take that away so no matter what, the love is still there. Because what we’ve done will forever be stamped in history… We created something that’s gonna go down forever. So I can only have love for Dame. I just don’t know where we are in our life–We’re not the same two men at that time when we gelled in that way. I haven’t seen him in a while. I have ultimate confidence in him that he’ll find his way ’cause he’s an amazing and smart guy…. He’s a hustler and he’s highly intelligent, so I always root for him and always believe that he’ll find his way out of it. But I can’t control what happens life.”

Check out another photo below….




Photo Credit: Dame Dash, Lenny S./Kodak Lens, Shaheem Reid

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