(hilarious video mash-up thanks to Ted Smooth)

While Jay-Z has been promoting Blueprint 3 in Europe, and doing many and various appearances (rapping to yodelers on German TV, talking to French reporters, eating at the rich and famous versions of franchise food)…he still took time to call my homie Angie Martinez to shut down Lil’ Mama directly.

In this short excerpt, Hov restrains himself and says that yes, Lil Mama’s brazen attempt to go where she did not belong…miffed him.

I would never have the nerve to do that.. I thought it was the equivalant to what Kanye did to Taylor Swift… I was a little angry, yeah. But what I’ma do, fight Lil Mama?

[audio:Jayz on Lil Mama with Angie.mp3]

You can hear the rest of Jay-Z’s phonecall here, they talk about his #1 album, and his champagne investment (Ace of Spades) ranking, etc…

Speaking of reactions to Lil Mama-Gate….here is my “What Grinds My Gears” episode of Celebrity Drama reacting to Lil Mama’s lame excuse/apology…the best part were Funkmaster Flex and Tat Wza’s reactions! LOL

[audio:Ms Info Goes In On Lil Mama.mp3]

good times.