There’s still no sign of that “Holy Grail” single — hell, we’ll take any track at this point — but Jay-Z continues to tease his upcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail album. In these two new promo clips, Hov breaks down “Heaven” and “Jay-Z Blue.” Sidebar: Rick Rubin really loves that couch.

On “Heaven”: This song is toying with the idea of it being on Heaven or Hell on earth. My idea of being on Heaven is in your daughter’s laughter. Hell could be if your child missing’s for three minutes; you in three minutes of Hell.

On “Jay-Z Blue”: It deals with when my pop left when I was young. He didn’t teach me how to be a man, nor how to raise a child, nor treat a woman. So, of course, my karma: the two things I need, I don’t have — and I have a daughter. It’s the paranoia of not being a great dad.

Magna Carta Holy Grail becomes available on July 4 — three days before public release — to the first one million Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy Note II users who download the Magna Carta app via Google Play.

Watch Jay-Z explain “Jay-Z Blue,” plus check out the lyrics to “Part II (On the Run)” featuring Beyoncé, after the jump…

Jay-Z Feat. Beyoncé “Part II (On the Run)” (Lyrics):
jay-z part ii

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